Weather Balloons

"Weather Balloons, said the officer,

Go home and try to get some sleep"

Hear Into the Unknown on Bandcamp

The new EP from Dora Lachaise and Jonni Slater


"An absorbing debut."



"a diverse and evocative musical journey... at once enchanting and thought-provoking."

- Plastic Magazine 

Braver Than You

"On that trail
Beneath a wide open sky
Walked a while beside you"

Hear Into the Unknown on Bandcamp

"melodic, delicately nuanced and most engaging."

 - Trust the Doc


"The contrast between the tender vocals and the rising intensity creates a truly compelling dynamic."

- Plastic Magazine 


"A gorgeous flowing acoustic guitar arpeggio ebbs and flows through the tune ... they combine their voices together on the choruses in a lovely, harmonic way."

- York Calling

Sign on the Door

"And I wait for you, senses sharp

Can never close my eyes..."

Hear Into the Unknown on Bandcamp

"This eerie gem, married to a dark atmosphere and vintage instruments such as dulcitone and omnichord is a memorable slice of class from the Glasgow-based duet's debut EP" - Martyn Williams, The Herald


"audacious, bold and beautiful" - Saint Martyn, FreshOnTheNet Eclectic Picks


"a distinctive, potent sound that is uplifting and emotive" - Lost In The Manor


"a cinematic composition that leaves marks in the soul" - Music For All

"a beautifully crafted emotional performance, guaranteed to impress fans of dark pop/ art pop and cinematic productions." - Send Me Your Ears

Bluer Skies

"At times I dream of you

You almost become real..."

Hear Into the Unknown on Bandcamp

"a soft cushion and a bit of a pick-me-up" - Lost In The Manor

"As Neo-Noir as the duo promised, this song feels like it was composed for a David Fincher movie. I’m really in love with the warmth of the vocals" - Sistra


"a lovely song" - Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland

Into the Unknown (2021)

"Once we sailed in golden sun

Now against the wind..."

Hear Into the Unknown on Bandcamp
Inversions (2018)

"And there's a storm that's breaking 
A storm that's breaking 
Born far away, a rumble on a foreign shore..."

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Now (2016)

"And we are born for living 
We're born to die 
And with our arms around each other 
Then we all survive..."

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 Hold On (2015)

"They warm like fire, hold my aim true 
No cell, no cage they can't break through 
Like arrows straight they fly to you..."

Hear the Hold On EP on Bandcamp