Cinematic alternative music

Braver than You

Dora Lachaise and I will be releasing a new EP on 9th June 2023 called Weather Balloons.


Second single, Braver Than You, is out now.

We'll launch the EP with a gig at the Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow on 8th June.

Sign on the Door

First single from the Weather Balloons EP,  "a beautifully crafted emotional performance, guaranteed to impress fans of dark pop/ art pop and cinematic productions."

Into the Unknown

"Once we sailed in golden sun / Now against the wind..."


A simple, percussive backing made from items found in my kitchen. Feelings of unease about what may lie ahead for all of us, ending with a note of hope for  the world we rebuild after the waves have receded. 

Chroma-Fi & SWAT

Image: Sam Coombes

Chroma-Fi is the name of Jonni's composing partnership with Edward Bettella. Together they won the Sensoria Scoring Contest 2020 and have since soundtracked two short films, including Sam Coombes' "SWAT", a western-style face-off between an exceedingly grumpy man and a tiny winged foe. SWAT has been selected by a number of film festivals, including the Melbourne Short Film Festival.